Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bible Riddles

Bible Riddles by Richard Lederer

26. When was tennis first played?
27. Who was the straightest man in the Bible?
28. How was Pharaoh's daughter like a stockbroker?
29. What did the Egyptians do when it got dark?
30. Who was the first man in the Bible to break all ten

31. How do we know for certain that Moses was a male?
32. Who were the three most constipated men in the Bible?
33. Who was the greatest actor in the Bible? Of what did he die?
34. How was Ruth rude to Boaz?
35. Why was Goliath astonished when David hit him with a stone?

36. Who was older -- David or Goliath?
37. What evidence is there of sewing in the time of David?
38. Why was the prophet Elijah like a horse?
39. Who was the most successful doctor in the Bible?
40. What did Job have to cover his sackcloth and ashes?
41. Who was the strongest man in the Bible?
42. Who was Jonah's guardian?
43. How is the story of Jonah an inspiration?

The Answers

26. When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.
27. Joseph. Pharaoh made a ruler out of him.
28. She took a little prophet from the rushes on the banks.
29. They turned on the Israelites.
30. Moses.

31. He wandered around the desert for 40 years and never
stopped to ask anyone for directions.
32. Cain, because he wasn't Abel; Methuselah, who sat on the
throne for 900 years; and Moses, because God gave him two
tablets and sent him into the wilderness.
33. Samson.He brought down the house,then died of fallen arches
34. She pulled his ears and stepped on his corn.
35. It had never entered his head before.

36. David. He rocked Goliath to sleep.
37. He was hemmed in on all sides.
38. He was fed from aloft.
39. Job. He had the most patience.
40. Only three miserable comforters.

41. Jonah. The whale couldn't keep him down.
42. The whale brought him up.
43. Jonah was down in the mouth but came out all right.

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